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Need a custom tech solution? Our team specializes in comprehensive IT services, spanning web and mobile development as well as software and AI solutions.

Project Outsourcing

Outsource with German Project management! Decrease cost, meet deadlines, and maximize productivity.

Customized Solutions

Turn Your Vision into Action with Our Custom IT Solutions, tailored for your needs to achieve Business Success.

Free Consulting

Take the first step now by discovering how we can support you with a free consultation.


Product Development

From Idea to Impact. Leading the Journey of Software Development and Lifecycle Management. Expertly Navigating System Integration, and Data Management for Tailored IT Solutions That Meet Your Unique Needs.


AI Solutions

Empowering Your Business with Advanced GenAI, Optimizing Processes, Enhancing Data Analysis, and Driving Innovation for a Future-Ready Enterprise.


Infrastructure Services

Offering Premier IT Infrastructure Development, Cloud Migration, and Cybersecurity Services to Ensure a Robust and Secure Digital Environment for Your Business.

Technology Consulting

Strategizing Success in the Digital Era: Providing Expert Advice on Technology Strategy, Digital Transformation, and Leveraging the Right Technologies to Achieve Your Business Goals.

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Consumer ProductsConsumer Products
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What our customers say

Working with BerryOnMars was an absolute game-changer for my company. Their expertise and dedication brought my vision to life quickly. From website design to app development, every step was marked by seamless collaboration and top-notch professionalism. They not only met but exceeded my expectations, delivering a product that truly resonates with my audience. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Hennie Farrow - Founder of Keenly

Hennie Farrow

Founder of Keenly